SNH is a general contracting company established since 2003 in Lebanon. All assignments entrusted to our company comply with quality and efficient follow-up.

Societe des Hotels Modernes s.a.l

Contact : Mrs. Rita Khoury– CEO

Chtaura– Lebanon


Kazami s.a.r.l

Contact : Mr. Mounir Zaatari – General manager

Antari- Lebanon


Printech s.a.l

Contact : Mr. Mounir Zaatari – Managing director

Mazraa -  Lebanon



Contact : Mr. Hisham Kalo-  General Manager

Clemancau-  Lebanon


Mzaar 2000 s.a.l

Contact : Mr. Gabriel Gharzouzi- Manager

Dbaye – Lebanon


Saifi Gardens s.a.l

Contact : Mr. Mounir Zaatari-  Executive director

Down town – Lebanon


The Heirs of H.E Mohammad Al Attiya

Contact : Mrs. Nada Oueini – Client rep

Aaraya– Lebanon


Khoury general hospital

Contact : Mr. Georges Khoury– CEO

Zahleh– Lebanon


Hermes Trading s.a.r.l

Contact : Mr. Elie Hermes– General manager

Gemayze- Lebanon


Levantoil s.a.l

Contact : Mr. Karim Ayache – CTO

Dbaye - Lebanon


Tameer w.l.l

Contact : Mr. Ahmad Saiid - General manager

Doha- Qatar


Al-Wataniah w.l.l

Contact : Mrs. Nada Oueini– CEO

Doha- Qatar


H.E Mr. Khalid Al-Attiya

H.E Abdel-Rehmane Al-Attiya

H.E  Mr. Nehmeh Tohmeh

H.E Mr. Nicolas Khoury

H.E Abdallah Ben Jabor Al-Thani

Mr. Robert Debbas

Mr. Elia Samaha

Mr. Yousef Tohmeh

Mr. Joe Daher

Mr. Jihad Mikati

Messrs. Karim & Hicham Ayache

Mr. David Mansour

Mr.Iyad Noueiry

Mr. Ahmad Al-Attiya

Mr. Khalifa Al-Attiya

Mr. Nayef Al-Attiya

Mr. Amr Al-Attiya

Mr. Abdel-Aziz Al-Attiya

Mrs. Najwa Al-Attiya

Mr. Naser Al-Attiya

Mr. Nasim Bechaalany

Municipality of Aaraya

Noueiry Group